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Latest 19th Aug 2018

Dale is working with one or two well known names on both old and new HNMM! material - quite exciting stuff and all will be revealed at some point, maybe the album will finally be finished!!




 He's Not My Mate - A Brief History In Words and Pictures

As a result of being subjected to a dire "act" at a work's Christmas party, a rather intoxicated Dale Farrow and Simon Render decided that it was time to wipe the dust of the old strings and sticks. In the spring of 2001 Simon rather took everyone, probably including himself, by surprise and announced to the world that he'd bought a new kit. Having seen the advert that the boys had put out looking for a singer and bass player, Claire Hurd applied for the former position and a casual conversation at a kid's party led to Andy Fryett, a friend of Dale's being recruited on bass and the first incarnation of the band was formed as purely a cover's band in May 2001. The 4 piece's first gig came in Oct 2001 at The Wyton Bowl (actually a 10 pin bowling hall, not a "bowl" in the same sense as the Hollywood or Milton Keynes Bowls, but it sounds good!).

Soon after this, Andy mentioned that an old mate of his, a bass player, was keen on getting back into playing again and that this would give Andy the chance to get back onto guitar, his first love, and enable the band's sound and repertoire to broaden. Thus Graham Hewitt joined in November 2001 and "He's Not My Mate!" became a 5 piece.

In October 2004 Claire made the decision that there were other more important things in her life and she could no longer commit the time and effort that she wanted to the band. With a great sense of sadness she left the band.

During the spring of 2005 Graham also decided that there were other priorities in his life at that time and has taken a "career break" from the band.

However, with a re-vamped set-list and a great desire to carry on having fun and, hopefully, providing entertainment on the way, Andy, Dale and Simon play on and  had a very busy summer 2005.

In October 2005 the band were approached by a friend of a friend of the band who knew someone new to the area who was a singer and the band were introduced to Andrea Hayes. After a few rehearsals thing started to look very promising. However, Andrea's work commitments  meant that she couldn''t devote the time to being in the band.

2006 brought about a change in emphasis and the band decided to have a go at some original material with the intention of putting out some "product" later in the year. HNMM! also became a .com although haven't yet become .com millionaires!

A new singer was also revealed, Helen Blaby, a self-professed "vocal prostitute" ("You pay, I say!") who works in "the broadcast media" and so isn't frightened of the microphone! Helen put in some fair old mileage to be with the band, travelling over from her hometown Northampton but humorously enough considering her day job, she  got lost on the way several times!!

2006 was also the year of the MySpace revolution and not wishing to miss the boat He's Not My Mate! got themselves a site and posted a couple of songs, "Watch and Wait" and "In Those Eyes", both of which had appeared at various live gigs during the year leading to the band's music being heard around the globe both on the MySpace site and also on various radio stations that picked up on it, "Watch and Wait" in particular being a favorite with its catchy chorus worming its way into the subconscious of music lovers from as far afield as Australia and the USA!

Personnel changes in 2006 saw the departure of Andy Fryett for a new life in Florida with his family, although Andy has promised to try and get his web-cam set up so he can join  in a virtual gig or two! It was then decided to split the covers band and the original's material with Dale retaining the He's Not My Mate! name for the original material and Simon and Helen recruiting a new bass player and guitarist and carrying on in a covers band - initially Dale was going to stay involved but subsequently felt that he wanted to concentrate on his own material. The rest is now!


Mark One - Andy Fryett, Claire Hurd, Dale Farrow & Simon Render    No photos exist of this line ups one and only gig (unless you were there and have some lurking in your own private collection!).


Mark Two - Live on the back of a lorry at Crowland, South Lincs Aug 2002

L-R  Dale, Simon, Claire, Graham Hewitt, Andy


Mark Three - Outside Floods Tavern, St Ives, Cambs Summer 2005

L-R Andy, Dale, Simon



Mark Four - Sawtry Festival, Summer 2006

L-R Dale, Helen Blaby, Simon, Capt Jack Sparrow (actually it's Andy